What is macrame?

I am so glad to introduce you to a world of macrame creations.

Macrame is one of technics to make knots with cords. we use the knotting to make jewels, hangings and accessaries etc...

Since when I saw the jewels with Macrame at first time, I fell in love with the unique appearance which is very natural, nostalgic and elegant until now.

I hope you will take a part of the Macrame world and enjoy! 


I use Waxed Polyester Cords for my all macrame creation. The waxed cords; LINHSITA are made in Brazil and supported by the most macrame artists around the world. It is very strong, durable and even washable! So the macrame will keep their looks new after years used.


I do use natural gemstones and crystals for my all creation.
They are one of our oldest friends for centuries and used to be used as medicines, elixir and amulets.
I do believe the effects of crystals and they could heal our emotions, physical bodies and spirits.

Made with love

All my creations will be cleaned before they get their eternal home.

I do smudge by white sage or clean by moonlight, sometimes diffuse by aroma oil to clean them from all negative influence.

I make them for my love and always wish you will receive the best results from what I create.